Saturday , November 28 2020

Over 8,000 people are registered pedophiles

Just a few days after returning to school and starting a new school year, the government made a balance of the Disability Registry to work with children.

According to the figures provided by the Ministry of Justice and the Civil Registry, on January 31, 2019 there were 8,096 people in this registry. Of these, 8,014 are male and 82 women.

In the breakdown by region, the Metropolitan is the one with the highest number of disabled people, with 2,528. I'm followed by Valparaíso (927), Los Lagos (800), Biobío (692) to La Araucanía (630).

Regarding the consultations made to the registry, up to the same date, 4 million 900,000 searches were recorded through the Civil Registry website.

The Justice Minister, Hernán Larraín, said that any service that works with children, to be outside the schools, must check if the people who are employed in the registry.

The authority also referred to the changes proposed to the system by the bill introduced by the portfolio last year, which aims to remove the temporary stay in the existing list today for some cases.

"There is currently a continuing disability in relation to the abuse of children under 14 and over when it comes to children over the age of 14. But in the bill we have introduced, we want us to be a permanent disability for everyone," says Minister Larra.

According to the figures given this Friday, 4,490 people in the disabled registry are permanent and another 3,606 disabled people are temporarily.

Civil Registrar director Jorge Álvarez said that "while public and private organizations that hire personnel working with children have to be checked, so parents can be through our website, and we will make a call to do that. . "

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