Thursday , August 11 2022

"Our old strategy is to search for a microphone" t


Hugo Valencia, from the morning "Muy bueno días" TVN, was the one who revealed the alleged conflict between Sigrid Alegría and Jorge Zabaleta, but a day later, the actress denied everything.

The panellist had said that, because of a political quarrel with the actor, her character was "dead" in the TV series "Hippie" (2004) from Channel 13, as the two had not come forward.

"The problem is that they say there is a conflict here, a political stand, because Sigrid's political tendency did not go hand in hand with the political trend of Jorge Zabaleta. And there seems to be that, due to the These things, opinion differences, so much happens in workplace conversations.The point is that it has become unsustainable, "says Valencia.

Glamorama contacted the actress, who said he hadn't heard anything. "Oh, yes. You know what? I don't even know … As it's an old strategy to search for a microphone. Invent a conflict, because that conflict never existed," he replied.

We consulted directly if she has any problem with Zabaleta, she replied "not at all. In other words, in fact, we work with each other in Separados".

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