Sunday , August 7 2022

One of the greatest mysteries could be found for the Sun's temperature


NASA experts pointed out plasma jets, which could have the response to the solar tier temperature of the Sun.

The NASA investigation provides interesting data about the most extended layer of the Sun, from the name Corona. Scientists have been asking a question about their temperature for many years, since it is hotter than surface. Now they think they have found a possible solution.

It's quite a strange phenomenon, since the highest layer of the Sun, the crown, at a temperature of one million degrees Celsius, is almost 200 times more than its face. Why does this really happen?

As explained by RT, the experts have been thrown and disassembled so far. However, during the investigation, they use infrared imaging spectrum (IRIS) where they were able to detect a type of "hot plasma jets", which have compared to "pencils" given their shape.

These jets come out of the sunbeds rising around 4,800 kilometers towards the inner crown, in which they would be the key. After knowing these formats,
They made a computer simulation, collecting that these jets could transport enough energy and plasma to heat the outer sun tier.

Although the data are not currently final, they represent an important advance to understand the nature of the king's star. Now, NASA wants to collect more data even with Solar Parker probe, to deepen the assumption, which has so far received well.

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