Friday , October 15 2021

On an Apple M1 Mac, the reset process is different – here’s how

Apple has changed the process for restoring Mac to factory settings for Apple silicone devices. Anyone who needs to replace macOS on an Apple MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, or Mac mini M1 should follow these steps. You should think about these changes when buying a new Mac.

These steps are part of a larger process to follow if you decide to sell your Mac or want to replace macOS Big Sur for any other reason.

Replacing macOS on Mac M1:

Which Macs are covered? What to do first Restore your Mac to factory settings

Which Macs are covered?

These instructions are for Macs End of 2020 only using the Apple M1 on Chip (SoC) System. These include all MacBook Air models from late 2020 and some late 13-inch MacBook Pro models 2020. Some Mac mini (2020) also use Apple silicon.

To find your Mac version

You can confirm the version of your computer by following these steps:

Click on the Apple icon in the upper left. Please select About this Mac from the menu.

Please confirm the chip version in the popup box. Compatible devices say “Apple M1” beside Chips.

If you’re using a Mac Apple M1, you’re ready to go ahead and follow these instructions.

What to do first

Before you start, you should backup your Mac to get a fresh copy of your data for recovery, if applicable. You can retrieve this information as part of the overall macOS reset process.

Restore your Mac to factory settings

To reinstall macOS on your Apple M1 computer and return it to factory settings:

Turn off your Son.

Hold the power button on your Mac until you see the startup options.

Please select Options.

Click Follow in Options.

Select a user of the list having administrative authority.

Please select Next

Login to user account using a password.

Please select Follow.

Please select Reset macOS from the list.

From here, follow the on-screen instructions to reset a fresh copy of macOS.


If you have any questions about replacing a fresh copy of macOS on your Apple M1 device, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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