Friday , February 26 2021

Odyssey Creed Assassin extends extensively to Legacy of the First Hidden Leaf. Here you have your first trailer

We do not know if you've already squeezed Assassin's Creed Odyssey as much as possible or have you just taken advantage of Black Friday, but Legacy of the First Hidden Sheet, the first of the three has a great after-launch content included in the Pass Season, a date and cover letter already. And it does not look bad at all.

In fact, and although we have already noticed the content, we will see how Alexios or Kassandra cross their objects with the hero who used the hidden blade for the first time, tie the loose ends between Greek Ubisoft Odyssey, Assassin's Creed: Origins and the rest of the saga.

Through Odyssey Creed Assassin Perfect with mechanics and formulas perfect AC Odyssey, and even that time towards reinforcing the ARPG, it can also be considered most of the first classes. Both in the story and in the experience.

Something that this DLC could cement, giving up an even more excellent proposal.

Fighting next to the legend that used the hidden blade for the first time to change the course of the story, and find out why Assassins work in the shadows.

Of course, the really interesting thing about them Legacy of the First Hidden Sheet (the story will continue to expand extensively through Greek Lost Stories) is that it will be a bet on the episode format, so that the first episodes appear next week and, from that, a new chapter will arrive every six weeks.


In this way, free and included content will be repeated in the next season, ending in spring with the premiere of " second great DLC: Fate of Atlantis.

Of course, it will also be possible to buy this content separately, although the season path contains an additional incentive: in addition to the two arc additional story – from three chapters each – the one is untouched publish included Repeat Creed Assassin 3.


Odyssey Creed Assassin an unexpected candidate of the year, the best installment of the saga, at least this generation. For now, you have a week in advance to catch up with everything you left behind. The thing starts to become more interesting as of December 4.

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