Tuesday , October 4 2022

Odyssey Bielsa to contribute to the campaign


Former coach of Chile's national team gave a shirt to sign by Leeds United, who reached the country as a record time. "He paused to reach a pocket as soon as possible," says the organization.

Many times have said that "that distance is forgotten", however, it does not seem to be running to Marcelo Bielsa, former Chilean National Team coach and today from England, he looks at What happens with every Telethon.

"We contacted her and managed to bring this Leeds United shirt to add to the auction. It's incredible to arrive promptly due to official closing dates she would have take two weeks now, "said Jorge Gómez, a journalist known as" Pelotazo "who is in charge of the auction.

The shipping difficulties were at the time of passing the shirt through customs, in London and Santiago, and there was a key factor in order to overcome these barriers.

"He paused his pocket so that the load was as fast as possible, but he could not have reached it and he only said about his affection to Chile," said the auction organizer, on the product that was going very fast 750,000 pesos and was part of over 40 auction articles.

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