Tuesday , August 9 2022

Odecu claimed a lawsuit against Apple and criticized the director of Sernac


Y User and Consumer Organization (Odecu) reiterated the statements of the director of Sernac, Lucas del Villar, who questioned the "effectiveness" of the class action league against Apple.

Odecu, representing around 130,000 users in Chile, filed a class court case against the technological giant for the potential damage that could have caused their "mobile" programmers "programmed oversight".

When chatting with T13That Villar acknowledged that "The ultimate effectiveness (demand) has some gaps", among them the provider does not have a residence software in Chile, as well as the restriction periods.

The president Odecu, Estefan Larenas, went to the stage of the notice of the Sernac notice "that the apology appears unfortunately at the director's statements".

"Whether or not they have the legal ceiling claim, a court decides that that's exactly what we have asked, proof is that, as yet, it has been accepted to the 23rd Court, so the court considered it viable, "he said.

The class operating phrases respond to it Apple recognition of slowing down some older models with the argument of keeping the battery life.

However, from Odecu they supported their position that different iPhone phone models "had a poor performance, either by accidentality or by showing slower operation."

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