Thursday , December 3 2020

NVIDIA creates an AI that designs real faces to the real ones

Stephen Hawking in heaven does not like this.

Tonight nightmare will be courtesy of boys NVIDIA. Readers do not need to explain what Uneasy Valley. So, watching this video, you'll realize that it's perfect that it will soon be a thing from the past. And obviously you have to start with the software.

The new company appears to have published the results of the latest research project. Under the title Style Based Generator Generator for Productive Regeneration Networks (BY).

Where, in conjunction with specialist engineers has created a maximum. Can collect a generator of fake surfaces based on a mix of styles.

Where the artificial Intelligence Intelligence network takes the different facial features of others to combine and create photorealistic faces:

Harassment Valley Harassment: NVIDIA creates an AI that represents the real faces of the real ones

Not all of the images that we see there exist. I've been produced by NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence.

Perhaps with the darker skin waves You may feel some uncertainty about your loyalty. But the remainder simply exceed the requirements of the Harassment Valley.

At first glance, anyone could think it's a real-person picture. And that's obviously harassing.

Ultimately, this project may represent the first seeds for a new era in the robotic industry and artificial intelligence.

Do not miss the video where it can explain in detail how this AI works.

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