Tuesday , January 26 2021

Now Playstation Store allows return, with some limitations

Recently Sony updated your digital shop's buying and selling conditions Playstation Store, where digital items were not otherwise, such as Xbox or Steam, included in the company's return policy, now, perhaps, but with some conditions.

Within the new regulations regulations for returns within the store Playstation Store, will we now consider both games, DLC's, PS Plus time and PS Now However, as envisaged, there will be some conditions that we will have to meet in order for this to happen. As noted Sony, to establish a refund in case of games or DLC, we can do that inside o 14 days from initial purchase, but also these they should not have been downloaded or installed in the console.

This policy also applies to pre-orders, where it is applied as a term, t the 14 days following the first performance of this, we can also ask for a refund if the game is not yet released.

What makes the difference with other competition return systems, is that in order to be able to agree with this, it will not be an automatic form, it will have to fill in a form in the official page Playstation, we have to fill them with our data and the game we want to make the refund.

However, unfortunately the forms will not raise the credit cards, but when the repayment is generated, the money will be charged to your portfolio. Playstation such as credit balance.

Currently only stores of United States, United Kingdom and Spain, they have updated these new regulations, but it is expected that it will be implemented soon, worldwide.

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