Wednesday , September 28 2022

Not only is it recognized by U. de Chile: a photo published by Kel Calderón's luxury fashion tale | Social Networks


Certainly Kel Calderón is one of our country's greatest influences, which has become a fashion inspiration for many young people.

Raquel's girl often gets calm with a look through social networks, where you have thousands of followers.

That's why it has become an ideal face to promote different brands, what has often been done in their social networks, and what has also allowed him to walk through different countries that are part of important fashion events.

In this sense, Moschino is one of the brands that seem like the graduates.

It's only a costume of this recognized and luxurious brand that filled it with praise and won that Moschino had split her image on her Instagram account, just as she did with excellent international models.

The record, which was taken by photographer Oscar Andreé, had previously shared by Kel on the insight stage, in the middle of her trips worldwide.

Kel Clderón Instagram

Kel Clderón Instagram

Here's the original:

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