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Nobody has accused US $ 1,586 million taken by US lottery: this would happen with the money. International


There is a fragile lottery ticket whose price is equivalent to 300 mansions, 90 private islands or 5 presidential aircraft such as Air Force One in the hands of someone who still does not collect the prize. The winning ticket of Mega Millions of United States has raced in last October, without doubt, the most expensive piece of paper in history and no-one has received the prize of 1.586 million dollars again.

There is much more expensive than any art, jewel or gem work, it has someone who is either scared or cautiously, he does not collect a collection, which would put on once in the Forbes site of the richest people in the world.

Winner Up to April 21, 2019 to collect his prize, but the money will be distributed among the 44 countries of the North American country that took part in the abstraction.

Where would you keep the ticket?

You need steel nerves to follow a common life course, knowing that somewhere in your house, in a bank securely or in a secret hide, keeps the winning ticket of 1,586 million dollars.

That's why around the world, including Chile, insists the fate of the winner of the raffle is the largest lottery prize in history. We talked about Chile because it was exactly in this country where there is more than 60,000 tickets were sold between September and October, while the prize accumulates.

Through a web site called theLotter.comThousands of Chilean took part in hope of becoming one of the richest people in the world, the same thousands that return to the portal these days, because Currently, the Powerball and the Mega Millions of the US are bordering the 300 million dollars each, which makes it possible for Chile to achieve 2019 as a billion, three times more rich than Leonardo Farkas or twice as rich as Don Francisco.

How does the service work?

The service that thousands of Chileans use is a Lotter and is an Internet port that has been operating in more than 100 countries for 17 years, with a valid message license throughout the European Union.

This special portal offers to buy on behalf of its users, tickets for more than 50 lots from all over the world.

When someone uses the platform, they must select their numbers and lottery that they want to request a ticket, and then pay the original ticket value together with a commission for the order and that is when a representative of & # Lottery purchases the official ticket in a legitimate and scanned store, so that the user can view it online and have a test of the ticket it has; to buy

The purchase process does not take more than a few minutes and, in a few hours, the scanned receipt already appears to be the user account.

What happens when someone wins?

In the case of a winner, the web portal runs with all expenses paid to the person traveling to claim the original lottery ticket, where they can collect prize, along with a solicitor also paid by the company.

It should be noted that, in case the user does not have a visa to travel, the Llenor collects the money and is transferred to the individual's bank account and speculators and numbers.

Foreigners can win the US lottery

Remember that American standards are very clear and nobody is banned abroad to win a lottery prize, because ultimately, what is the benefit of the government is that they pay the corresponding taxes and because there is no Need to be a Resident or have a social security number, what is really important for lottery representatives is who has the official ticket in their hands.

The incredible test that foreigners can win the lottery in the US is the news published by well-known American media such as NBC, CNN and Fox news channel, where and message service are mentioned .

In addition, in the portfolio of the winners of the company, you can see the stories of dozens of lucky people, among them, a panamanian woman who collected last year 30 million dollars after winning a Florida lottery, and Iraq and 3 years ago Oregon lottery jotpot . None of them had set a foot in the United States before traveling to collect the prize.

Next Next

The next Mega Millions pulls and the power of the United States power is Friday and Saturday respectively. All lottery awards awards that are worth 300 million dollars and anyone from Chile can participate through the, paying with any recognized payment method such as Master Card, Visa or Diners.

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