Thursday , May 26 2022

No photos to the goal: record left in the draw against Iquique Deportes | Football


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Hans Scott UNO Agency

University of Chile Certainly, he was extinguished from the fight for the title of the National Championship, after that equally without Sunday goals against Iquique Deportes.

The Blues only scored one point a they remain in the 54 unit line, to four unsuitable points from a Catholic University, the tournament leader in the absence of a date to finish.

But the duel with the Iquiqueños had a special record for the EVERYTHING, which will create a great deal of pride in the staff and technical staff of the university and who explain it; The bad result in a duel that appeared as a key.

This is, because of the account that specializes in football statistics Opt, The the blues did not record direct shots that went to the direction of Dragons Arcade, adding 11 serious interventions.

The data is more powerful, as it was said that this happened to him twice more in the tournament, in the against Antofagasta Sports and Colo Colo, for the second round of the championship.

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