Sunday , October 2 2022

Nintendo believes the DLS Ultimate Smash Bros. Ultimate is a surprise supporter and must be "have to me" –


Many of us (of those who have been able to avoid emissions and burners that threaten everyday), we assume if the world of stars will lose Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has many views like the one we saw in its presentation. JC Rodrigo from Nintendo Treehouse has spoken on this topic at a new meeting with Game Informer.

In the interview, he has shared that some more animated scenery, although recognizing that the Mode of Adventure focuses more on winning prizes and spirits. "More connected to the events and the way of collecting things that you have a relationship with, some intellectual property or franchise that you love and say: & # 39; I really need this! "," It's shared. "

There is another interesting topic that Rodrigo has talked about and DLC who are on their way to the game. He believes the characters will be a surprise for the fans and at the same time they will want them at any cost. "Mr Sakurai and his team and everyone who works in the game like unexpected," he said. "As with the Piranha Plants, we believe the DLC will have to. For me, as a fan … oh man, I would not miss this for the world."

Talk about the Piranha PlantsRodrigo has shared that he has played a lot with this character and believes that he represents a model that has not yet been included in Super Smash Bros. "You have to play with it in a very different way, it's a very hard fighter," he said. "If you look at the images we've published, imagine how to control everything. It's very interesting."

What do you think of these details? How's that hype for the game?


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