Sunday , October 2 2022

Neymar launched a European shaken expression


Brazil was linked to Barcelona a few days ago that Beckham sent a message to him to go to the US. UU However, he has to attract something else.

A few days ago, I was speculated in Spain with a possible return Neymar i Barcelona. And although the possibilities have been falling for its return to the peninsula, even in Madrid its name appeared as a "merengue" target.

For now, as a figure of Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Brazil seems to be interested in another league when it comes to time to leave the capital of France.

He said this in statements to Eurosport: "All the great players have to play in the Premier, it's a great competition, one of the largest in the world".

"We do not know tomorrow, but I believe that every great player, at least once in their life, should play in the Premier League"he added.

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