Wednesday , November 25 2020

News of the World Mobile Congress: 5G and (many) folding screens

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In Huawei's stormy storm and after two years of falling down, smartphone makers will bet on the bending screens and deliver very fast 5G networks, at the largest international congress of the sector that starts Monday in Barcelona.

During the four days of World Mobile Congress (MWC), many spectacles will refer to Huawei.

Chinese is the major producer of equipment of the fifth generation of cell networks (5G). But the United States fears that these teams help to spy Chinese and try to convince its allies, a campaign that Huawei is trying to resist.

5G, telecommunications operators start installing worldwide, It should provide almost instant connectivity for smartphones and objects such as cars and robots.

Huawei and other companies will be running displays of 5G phones during the congress, although the next generation of networks will not be widely available for many years.

On its behalf, the South Korea Samsung, the first world seller, introduced a new telephone in San Francisco on Wednesday to be a tablet, the first producer to offer this expected service.

The folding phones come at a time when manufacturers try to introduce new features to attract the user. The global sales of smartphones in 2018 dropped 4.1% per year to 1.4 billion units due to the economic slowdown in China, which comprises one third of the global market, and the lack of great innovations that encourage the user to renew their devices, according to IDC analysis.

Usually Apple will not be on the appointment.

samsung10 (800x600)

The Chinese maker has chosen this year to defer the introduction of his new leading device until March in Paris, rather than in Barcelona.

In the days leading to the Congress in the city of Spain, Huawei was boosted in his fight to appeal concerns about his technology. On Monday, the Financial Times stated that British intelligence services came to the conclusion that it was possible to limit the security risks associated with the use of large Chinese equipment.

Some countries in Asia and Pacific followed the American call to a huge Chinese veto but the image in Europe is more dispersed, partly because Huawei technology is well ahead of its competitors, according to analysts.

Although Germany fears to ban Huawei's participation causing significant refusal in European efforts to use 5G technology and remain competitive in communication.

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