Monday , June 27 2022

New Year in Valparaíso remains at risk: doctors are refused and unemployment is offered


The port stop in Valparaíso continues. On midday this Wednesday, temporary TPS employees decided to reject the offer offered by the company and included it until interrupted by the Government yesterday. The main disagreement? Amounts do not match what the employees ask for.

This, as it turns out, offers $ 600,000 in loans, as well as a gift card of $ 250,000. On the other hand, the Government included $ 250,000 in training, which would have increased to $ 700,000 thereafter.

However, employees decided not to accept these amounts because what they are looking for is a $ 2 million compensation bonus, and not a loan. In this sense, the closest thing to this confrontation is the gift card that is offered, but that does not reach excuses and employees.

Pair follows

It is worth mentioning that the interview with CNN Chile, one of the leaders of the stimulated groups, ensures that the proposal has already been analyzed by the centers, so the answer is to continue with the strike.

With this, the right development of the New Year's celebration – one of the main threats and groups – remains unknown, because this is one of the pressures that the workers took.

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