Sunday , January 24 2021

New rates of mobile access fee: Subtlety agreed to a 80% reduction in the next 5 years

Non-agreement companies can turn to the Manager, the last case to modify the conclusion.

After months of work between telecommunications and sub-companies, Today, he announced the new tariff decree that will govern the next five years for the mobile phone operating companies.

Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel) defined the rate of payments for mobile access – a charge made by a company to terminate the call in its network – at $ 1.8, a reduction of 80% of the previous decree, which set on $ 8.7 per minute. This makes it the steepest fall of the last 3 processes.

The last installment of the government dropped from $ 8.4 to $ 1.4 per minute, that is, 84% less, but finally it was corrected up.

President Sebastián Piñera highlighted the reduction in payments that will allow reduce the cost of calls from landlines to cell phones, which will "certainly be of great benefit" to Chile and also for all SMEs. "This is how we are making progress in providing modern technology in the service of a better quality of life for all Chileans."

The companies that are on the other side of the Sub-area are Movistar and Entel, which offered an average reduction of around 35%. In the case of the company that has located in Madrid, the proposed entry charge rate was $ 5.88 per minute, and the local company associated with the families Hurtado Vicuña and Matte lost a $ 5.7 loss and minute. .

The company is the biggest Costume was the scenario proposed by the government in Claro, which had raised a loss of $ 1.2 per minute.

For the other purpose, the WOM and VTR company were challenging, which wanted a 94% reduction with access payments that almost reached zero. It was a charge of $ 0.16 and $ 0.22, respectively.

Anyway, Examples for those companies that are not satisfied with those defined are not yet turned off in the tariff process that will govern between 2019 and 2024, as they still do not submit claims to the Manager. This would be Movistar and Entel, who of the beginning was the most disagreeable forms of low. He noted sources that are close to the process that the fight will continue for these companies if the fall is very far from what they have asked for.

Details of the process

As explained in the Ministry of Transport, to reach the defined tariff, it was considered that the techno-economic model was in line with technological development, andI mean assuming that the increase and use of 4G networks, which is more efficient, and also with the general awards of the Free Court of Justice Competition (TDLC), which aims to reduce tariff stamps in mobile network access.

The Minister explained, Gloria Hutt, that with this one of these awards is Chile as one of the countries with the lowest prices of the OECD, which will be reflected in profits to & # 39; The 50 million telephony telephone contracts. "We believe it is a huge contribution to the economic activation and the rate of people who should see a short-term reduction," Hutt.

Regarding the process, the secretary, Pamela Gidi said it was transparent. "We are very proud of this new rate of mobile access costs, as we have completed a very thorough process and that is regulated by law. We have also listened and reviewed Every mobile actor's view to set up this new rate will definitely mark before and after expanding the competition in our country's mobile market ".

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