Friday , January 22 2021

New access payments are translated into "marketer" competition

The company, which offered a tariff of just $ 0.22, said that mobile users generally would benefit, especially the pre-paid segment and landline.

WOM also celebrated the announcement of the 80% steep decline experienced by mobile phone access payments and that will be a regulation over the next five years.

For the company that led an aggressive advertising campaign to reduce these access charges, this means a "better and better" competition in the market, which is beneficial for all mobile users in Chile. "

The operator drew attention to the technical process achieved in this reduction, "as we believe it is in line with the correct technological development by installing the more efficient technical network like the 4G".

Wom also said that mobile users generally benefit, especially the pre-paid segment and landline.

"It will be cheaper to call between mobile phones and from a landline to a mobile phone," the company has closed, without determining or venturing to calculate how much their rates will fall.

It should be remembered that both WOMs have offered access payments of just $ 0.22, compared to $ 6.07 for Movistar, the highest number among operators.

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