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"National" is medical: deputies receive an additional $ 95,000 per day for going to work in the National Congress


Y Legislative Power Again, it's a debate economic figures ready for the work of its members, and for the transparency that they are using.

"National trips" is the name that is & nbsp; $ 95,880 received by each deputy and parliamentary of the day attended to the Congress, either to the Santiago or Valparaíso headquarters.

This sum, has justified in the fact that many parliamentarians have to travel from their regions, is different from that received for foreign trips and the legislators see, regardless of expenses already included by fuel concepts or tickets. So, in fact, it is intended for a accommodation and meals in the long run which are procured outside the banks of each bank, where the use is also treated.

Y maximum from every day that can be accepted by a proxy or parliamentary who has set by the Council a Parliamentary Assignment Decision, who set the figure in 15 days for those months with four legislative weeks, and 12 days for months where there is only three weeks in favor of an area.

The Resolutive Council disposition reveals travel costs for non-supervised days or under a medical license, but leaves the possibility of a deputy resident in Valparaíso to raise the amount.

The discussion is again open Is this figure supplied to parliamentarians justified by the fact that attending the headquarters and functions that constitute their day-to-day work ?


Deputy of the Democratic Revolution, Pablo Vidal, believes transparency is as important as the amount, "because, for example, the hotel offers a lot and prices & # 39 ; n ranges in a very wide range ".

In this regard, sources related to the Congress, state that the majority of parliamentarians are staying at Valparaiso at the Hotel O Hellins Park, which is opposite the Legislative seat. Here is the price of one room with a double bed and a The value of the night of $ 38,000 pesos.

"Some pay the full amount, and others give a part, with the specific housing ticket, for example. In RD we do, our details are about our expenses, 25% are go as a contribution to the party and then every item we note is even beyond what the law requires, "he said.

Vidal believes that this new debate brings two arguments back to the board. "The need to reduce the parliamentary diet, also the ministers and critics. You have to spread people's reality, "he said.

That is a second point It should be discussed "that the Congress in Valparaíso, because everyone must first reach Santiago and then travel, us, the journalists, the guests, the representatives. We produce additional costs each year under the devolution debate, which has not been achieved. "

Another person who is opposed to the small regulation that exists with travel expenses, is the democratic Christian senator, Raúl Soto, which discloses & # 39; The need "to regulate the situation of introducing travel expenses to parliamentarians", adding that "We must extend it to other State authorities".

Soto refers specifically to the latest news on international travel travel costs made by the National Congress and argued that "at least a lack of credibility had to be produced in the eyes of citizens, in terms of how state authorities use public resources for overseas trips. "

In this regard, it confirms that the resources are provided for trips abroad "Many times go directly to pets' and parliamentarians and therefore the call is to better regulate this situation ".

"Common sense tells us that it is reasonable to pay for accommodation, air tickets, especially when it comes to official travel, on behalf of the relevant organization or when it comes to official travel. However, the viaticum is ; n go directly to the pocket for another type of expense, food, anyway, we believe that that is not justified, it does not give it up to this which is made effectively with that money and can be perfect for the senator's pocket, so it must be regulated. "

Accounting problems

The new criticisms to achieve these "national travel costs", arise as a result of a accounting problem in the Chamber of Deputies, which caused payments of more than 100 parliamentarians.

According to the information, published by La Tercera, the payments for this concept that correspond to June, were beyond the edge of the law.

Miguel Landeros, general secretary of the Chamber today acknowledged the inconsistency and introduced the steps to amend the error.

"It was a failure of accounts that made a bad payment in June and it was discounted in July. It paid another three days and the three days dropped to a number of deputies who declined how much. We ordered an internal summary when I heard this, on Tuesday, to see the administrative responsibilities of the employees who took part in this matter. "

"As I learned today, some affected parliamentarians, the right claim at the time and unfortunately our internal service did not operate properly," said Landeros.

The secretary said, as a result of the problem, that they ordered a "complete review of everything", which will certainly be around March. In addition, denied any treatment of information.

"There is no treatment. It seems that if they paid their pay, they gave you a day and made a mistake (the employer), do not change the month, because & # 39 ; n your pay, and the same thing happens for the following month. What they do is internal compensation. "

Finally, Landeros said they will announce the results of the review that will make the payments, from March 11 to date to date.

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