Thursday , December 3 2020

NASA publishes the first identity of the InSight search engine on Mars

Just over two weeks ago The InSight auditor successfully successfully launched Mars, starting work that has already shown its first results.

This Wednesday the spacecraft He used a camera arranged in his arm to take his first selfie, which contains a mosaic that contains 11 images.

"I am the first of my identity, I'll feel healthy, vigorously and completely, here is me," posted on Twitter with the photo.

According to the NASA statement, Here is the one process that performs the Sexual Curiosity, where many images will be added later.

In the selfie you can see solar panel and banks and all around, including its scientific instruments.

Previously, NASA announced Martian wind noise which was captured by the InSight auditor, who collected low frequency roaming during his first days of operations on the red planet.

InSight is the first artiffact to land on Mars since 2012, year that the Wonder began his mission.

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