Tuesday , January 25 2022

NASA plans to make commercial trips and take tourists into space


The economic needs that NASA would face would cause the agency to request funding by meeting private investor applications.

NASA may soon face one of the biggest changes ever seen in its history. The reason is that the US government does not want to take over the agency's high costs and intend to start deleting them in the coming years. Unemployed and at a critical time, the institution considers new horizons: the private enterprise.

This was recently revealed by the Washington Post, saying that NASA would try to respond to White House's intention to grant the International Space Station funding directly by the year 2025. It seems that everything would part of a plan that his directors have been drawing up. for two months as announced by his administrator Jim Bridenstine.

And how would this be achieved? Well, deceiving some militants to spend their money on space holidays. That's OK: NASA intends to sell commercial journeys to take tourists into space.

Agency leaders and private sector representatives seem very optimistic about the production of alliances. As they explain, they hope to have more infrastructure and funding in order to continue with innovation in the future.

NASA does not have an idea of ​​what to do with the International Space Station when its useful life ends

What would be the options?

The proposal would include selling seats directly to tourists to go to space. But not only that, but it is evaluated to allow the use of NASA's logo for commercial offers. Do not be incredible if we see thieves that appear on television in a few years to promote travel in place.

They would even study whether to begin the sale of naming rights for their rockets. The idea is to not be as restrictive to using their image for private purposes as they are so far. In fact, they could take part in programs to promote space activities with children who dream of being astronaut.

Remember that the agency is no longer producing its own ferry since 2011. As a result, it has to be compatible with the Roscosmos and with companies such as SpaceX and Boeing. So, this episode would only be the result of what he has been experiencing in recent years.

The possibilities are many. That is why NASA needs to be careful to know what to choose, but to ensure that it operates before it goes out of money.

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