Thursday , September 29 2022

Movistar is the first operator to bring Xiaomi equipment to Chile – Mundo en línea


Movistar Chile is the first telecommunications company to officially sell Xiaomi equipment in the country, a Chinese company that has set itself as a fourth smartphone maker globally.

In this way, mobile users who want to access Xiaomi cell phone, which have all current frequency band standards and corresponding national certificates (chargers, SAE, subtitles stamps) can do so through Movistar Chile.

"Movistar's some of us are closer to technology and digital devices, so today we want to continue to diversify our products, and what better to do in partnership with brands that break paradigms, such as Xiaomi, which will be officially marketed in Movistar before any other mobile operator in the country, "said Javier Valenzuela, Managing Director of Movistar Chile Terminals.

Movistar will be launching his league with Xiaomi by selling Xiaomi Redmi S2, which will reach "Gold" and "Black" colors, and can be acquired in the branches and on the web.

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