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More deaths? The "Pact de Sangre" exposure actors predict what comes into the soap opera

Changing the classic model of the dramatic areas of the channels and the new way of making a television series, has created wave layoffs and classic actors must leave place stations and they had almost all their career. There are no longer contracts that exist and professionals in these arts must Work for Measure projects that can hit hard professionals with more years in the field, but the newest take the opportunity to diversify their work.

This is being analyzed by the successful young faces of the fictional fiction of Channel 13, "Pacto de Sangre", Antonia Giesen (Karina), Antonia Bosman (Daniela), Rodrigo Walker (Ignacio) and Antonia Aldea (Dominican), who originally left course, does not feel part of a new group of actors on national television. "There's so much actor and so much to do," said Walker, who does not feel it's the only place they can develop. The same thing believes that Giesen, which supports that this work for projects gives more "freedom and ability to move."

"The television crisis, although it is unfortunately, because many actors and colleagues lose stability, on the other hand have given people unstable and mystery, from a creative place," said the woman who & It gives life to Karina, adding that "the crisis puts people in new questions. How many great actors left mobile, in a permanent state, are very comfortable."

And for these faces of the production by Agtv, this situation of restructuring in the channels, allows, according to Antonia Bosman, that the TV "is not the only place to develop ".

"Before someone has accessed the TV as the manifestation he has had. Now we have many actors in a series on Netflix, and maybe they have new litter of young actors, for diversification of audiovisual media ", complement Rodrigo Walker, one of the exposures of" Pact de Sangre ".

Blood Covenant Eduardo Ángel

Public affection

Despite not having a score that is located in the first of the most watched, Channel 13 filming has managed to attract public attention, especially in social networks, where many following the personal profiles of the plot actors. .

The actors feel fond of them and with the warm greetings they receive on the street, which for them is a sign that the television series is a success. "It was a blow of reality in the sense that I had left school, my Instagram had not touched at all and from one day to another, but it's good, I & Learning to drive, "he admits. Antonia Village, who analyzed in the series with this production.

"It's nice to be able to go out and tell me what a good teleserie or tell me they did not watch a TV series of and so they like it," Bosman, who made up with his first weapons in "Wena Profe" added TVN and a small participation in the final immediately from "If I was rich" from Mega.

Movie complications

Who has seen and continued "Blood Pact", they are already being used to the time and High-impact scenes, with the more intense and ending emotions highlighting the performances, as it happened to Karina's death.

"I go through the school, the theater, and something that one learns to do, there are techniques and methods of getting to the emotions," said Walker, adding that these types of scenes are fun to do, because "you're taking it out of your daily life, and you must also do the job back, to try to be healthy and as complete as possible. Strongly, difficult, obviously one is affected, but it returns to normal after a few, sometimes longer , but it's coming ".

At the same time, the actor emphasizes the support supported by his more experienced colleagues. "They are always very great. They see more boys for us and they help us and lead us a lot. Sometimes one arrives and asks for a scene and my parents, Álvaro Espinoza and Ignacia Baeza, are tell me when I should go down, or this may be the highlight of the scene and we can eat it, through other visions, "it comes to & # 39; r collection.

What's next for each of the characters in "Pact de Sangre"?

Ignacio's future

"We are (along with Antonia Aldea) the living … Still," said Rodrigo Walker with shame, joke that does not lead to guessing, as he does not even know what will happen Ignacio, as he read from the script, chapter 63, does not say anything to him In "Pact de Bangre", his character suspects that Karina's death.

"I can start to be the main doubt because of the proximity that I have with the two dead women and my character is going to defend himself until the end. He knows he was not going and to love or want them, so it will be very intense for him. This is the top of emotions and senses, but he defends himself and he knows who it is, but it's beginning to suspect everyone, "said Walker, who also boasts a light on how the relationship with parents in the plot will begin to be.

"There is a tight-of-war, it is revealed against the parents, but it gives a way and understands that it can not always be against, to protect itself too", it is & # 39; n development.

Ignacio Eduardo Ángel

Dominican Trauma

"Things never come to an end," said Antonia Aldea about the plot of this story that began her second season with Karina's death. And that's why Dominga found his friend Ignacio's friend and now he will have to deal with that trauma.

"It's a pretty heavy blast for it, so it's hard to motivate everything that happens. They come from a time when both (with Ignacio) try to get into history Much, finding out what happened and this shot destroys everything in their lives. Then there's no less trauma for both, "says the young actor of" Pact of Blood ", which anticipates how it will cope with this.

"Between the two, they support each other and turn to their neighbors to help get out of trauma and shock", Dominga tells us in "Pact de Sangre" .

Dominga Eduardo Ángel

Your experience as Karina

It has been a little over a week since Karina left all the followers of "Pact de Sangre" surprised, after being murdered by Benjamín. "It has a character that has responsibilities, but also a particular inconsistency," Giesen is analyzed.

In that sense, it is possible in what remains of it history is not known more about Karina's life, but the actor rescues that all of the characters are from Channel 13. Evening "The character is rich, they all show The place of failure and virtue, they are not of all good or bad. One may think that Benjamin, from the beginning, is cruel and bad, but we might find out what are the reasons why it's there, "he said.

Karina Eduardo Ángel

And three Daniela

The story of "Pact of Blood" begins with death, but through memories and different appearances in Gabriel's conscience, Daniela has meant at least a task for Antonia Bosman, the woman responsible for this character .

"It's been very complicated to me, because I have three different personalities. One who has the conscience of Gabriel, another Daniela and Vanessa," explains the young actress, who despite his limited presentations, being recognized by the people on the street.

"Initially, I received comments that she was poor, they killed, I did not do it & # 39; , and I'm just getting messages Karina was dead because I was not as stupid as you thought, he had enough secrets ", Says Bosman, which explains that the person who appears next to the character of Pablo Macaya, the real Daniela.

"There are people who believe I'm cheating, but no, I never know Gabriel, I just see that night, and this is the one that I am. deceived himself, is his conscience, "he explains.

Daniela Eduardo Ángel

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