Monday , July 4 2022

Mon Laferte's unpleasant response after receiving pineapple during the show in Mexico TV and Show t


The national singer Mon Laferte It was an uncomfortable moment when performing at the GNP Pulso Festival in Quebec, Mexico.

During her presentation, a translator began texts such as Your Failure to Want and Before you started being set by some of the attendees.

According to the Mexican portal, La Tribuna, the reason for the boos is because part of those present wanted to see Interpol, a band that would take the stage after the same Chile.

That's how Laferte decided to take the microphone and send a strong response. "There are good vibrations, but they don't suck with Interpol, it's coming, you know the time … don't suck!", began to point.

"This is the published timetable, whoever wants to see Interpol having to wait, now is our turn so that they're not sucking, right?" the singer added, and after that she continued with her presentation.

The music festival, which took place over the weekend, also included band participation The Authentic Decadents, Wolfmother, Camilo Séptimo and Caifanes, among others.

Recall that Mon Laferte will take "The Norma Tour" to different cities in Chile during 2019: the regional appointments on 5 September in the Municipal Gymconnect Concepcion, the 7th at the UFRO Olympic Gym in Temuco, will be the 8th in the Stadium Sokol Antofagasta and 10 at the Iquique Player House.

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