Sunday , January 24 2021

Mon Laferte Abolition show at festival accused of transphobia: judging on social networks | Arts and culture

My Laferte he decided to cancel his participation in the Aztec festival Black Squat Block following a series of complaints about transphobia against its organizers. The event, of solidarity and musical nature, aimed to bring together support for organizations that include women.

The concatenation of events was described by the singer herself through social networks, where she made her position known in this regard.

“A few days ago I was invited to visit @okupa_bloque_negro (former CNDH), a place that is currently a women’s refuge, a home, a place to resist violence,” she said.


“On receiving this invitation, I immediately agreed and together we decided to hold a small concert to help raise (mainly food, medicine and clothing). I shared the incident on my networks and within minutes of this I started receiving messages where I was accused of possible transphobia for supporting the bloke, “he added.

The allegations against Okupa Bloque Negro focused on the alleged transphobic attitudes of the group, which circulated on social networks.

According to her story, the artist contacted the organizers to find out their perspective on the allegations, some referring to cases of discrimination.

“Yesterday afternoon I was able to talk to Erika (Squad spokeswoman and mother seeking justice), I asked her what was happening. Erika told me that ‘here the only enemy is the patriarchy’He remembered.

After the phone call, and after reading the allegations on social networks, Chile opted cancel your show at the festival.

“I have come to the conclusion that everyone knows in their hearts what their feelings and thoughts are and that it is important to respect and empathize, under this thought I want to communicate that I have decided not to take part in the concert, ”he said.

As an argument, the simultaneous translator emphasized her intention to avoid divisions in feminism. “The least I would like is for discussions to be generated, I’ve always tried to unite people with either my music or my actions”, He said.

“I no longer want to hate, I will continue to support all feminist, trans, LGBTTTIQ + co-ops as I have done for the last 10 years of my life. I also want you to know that I will personally be in charge of collecting aid for the Squat, “he added.

“I no longer want patriarchal violence, I embrace all my brothers, sharing is not the way, the enemy is another,” Laferte noted.

In social networks, Chile’s decision sparked controversy among her followers: while some celebrated the cancellation of the concert, others questioned her for not being more empathic about the complaints.

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