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Recently, a Chinese maker of cell phones OnePlus announced a new model of no less than 10 GB of RAM, the UnPlus McLarent, a number not seen in the mobile mobile marketplace. If we compare this figure, for example, the 3GB and 4GB of the new iPhone equipment, they are ignored by a great advantage. But does more RAM necessarily translate into more speeds?

Before giving a solution, let's explain what RAM is and why it's so important in cell phones.

— Multitasking —

The RAM (Random Access Memory, for its figures in English) there's such a very fast storage, much more than the main storage of the phone (internal memory), where our applications, pictures, videos and music live. Such RAM speeds help the device to work and feel earlier, but how does it work?

We can think of RAM as a pocket and main storage of the phone as a ridge. Definitely, it will be easier to get something out of the first.

When we turn on the computer and open an application for the first time, the operating system and application data are removed from internal memory and a large part of These are stored in RAM. So, when we opt to use the application, the cell phone will keep all the information of what we were doing in the background; Like that, it will not be lost, even if we are changing to another request.

The change between applications and the return to the place where we leave is often called multi-sossing. If you say that a phone carries out several tasks instantly, it's because it makes good use of RAM.

If we did not have a mobile phone with RAM, every time we changed the application, these would be closed and we would lose all the information. Also, as if they were opening for the first time, so it would take much longer to be ready.

— The RAM gives speed, but it is not simple —

Having said that, it is clear that more RAM means that more phones can store more data and applications and the operating system. However, let's look at the "rare" RAM of 4 GB of the iPhone XS and compared to 10GB RAM of OnePlus 6T McLaren, at first glance, we would believe that apple signature device is very inferior, but in fact it's not like that.

The reason is that Apple uses a relatively low 4GB RAM on their iPhones because has optimized its iOS operating system, the components and the way it deals with data and applications so they work very well with only 4GB of RAM. The same is true about Google and its own Pixel 3 phones – which works with the sincere operating system – which has "4" of 4GB of RAM of & # 39; compared to other Android devices with 6GB or more.

By contrast, with Android devices that are not generated by Google, you could say that optimization is generally less efficient. There are so many Android devices available with different specifications and versions that the optimization will never be as good as it's with Apple and Google, with their iPhone and Pixel in turns. So, many Android devices will have 6GB or more RAM but will work as an iPhone or 4GB Pixel.

Finally, it is necessary to say that when buying a cell phone, there are a number of factors involved, not just speed. The general experience that the team can offer (speed, storage capacity, camera, etc.) is much more than one feature.

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