Monday , July 4 2022

Minsal has found more than 3,500 new HIV cases


An intense campaign is being developed by the Ministry of Health, following the rise of HIV infection in the country.

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In an interview with The Journal of Cooperativa, Health Under Secretary, Paula Daza, he said that Up to September this year, more than 3,500 people have been identified as being infected, Cup more than previously registered.

With different strategies, the Minsal is trying to identify people who have been infected who are unaware of their situation, to give them treatment and to include viruses.

New cases rose from 96% between 2010 and 2017, ranging from 2,968 to 5,816, said La Tercera.

According to the Health Under Secretary, the focus of the campaigns is particularly young people, most vulnerable to HIV / AIDS. For this, the authorities signed an agreement with 18 state universities, where they can promote information related to prevention, promotion and access to the rapid test.

"We are going to different places with a large public invasion, the places where young people are able, access to the quick test is not only, but also promoting safe sexuality", The authority told Radio Cooperativa.

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Mobile Unit in Santiago

Due to the approach numbers, the Western Metropolitan Health Service and the National Youth Organization (Injuv) began on Friday, December 21 in National Campaign for the Prevention of HIV / AIDS.

With a mobile unit, Health professionals will visit different points from Santiago, where they will perform quick HIV tests to know only 15 minutes if a person is a patient of the disease.

Given this, Paula Daza emphasized that 95 per cent of care facilities were they have fast tests available, to "they're a hundred percent free"

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