Wednesday , May 25 2022

Minister Roberto Ampuero: "Mr. Escobar Poblete has a month to appeal to justice in Mexico"


Foreign Affairs Minister Roberto Ampuerto thanked this afternoon about the decision of a Mexican government to give the best of extradition Raul Escobar Poblete's ex-offspring to be proven in Chile for the offender of Senator Jaime Guzmán.

Chile's head of diplomacy confirmed that the defendant, according to Aztec justice, had a month to practice appeals for the decision.

Foreign minister of Chile emphasized that "Emando Commando" "was being held in Mexico for his role in kidnapping, kidnapped from great cruelty."

The Secretary of State also assessed that the judicial decision "was clearly accountable for the Mexican commitment in the fight against terrorism, organized crime, respect for justice and co-operation among states."

"At the same time, he expresses his confidence that there is a rule of law in our country," added the minister.

"Sometimes justice takes time, but it arrives, and in this sense, we are on a path and in a right direction," said the foreign minister.

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