Saturday , June 25 2022

Miguel Ramírez will continue to be responsible for Santiago Wanderers with the mission of returning to Primera


Santiago Wanderers There were two faces in 2018. Without Miguel Ramírez It was the last posts in the table First B, but with Miguel Ramírez in the bank he fought for the promotion to the Chile football honors category, which he did not finally have.

But the old central defender will have a bankruptcy in the caturra bank, because he has been refurbished for next season, according to the Valparaiso cast website.

"We are telling our supporters and sports media, that this morning, Santiago Wanderers from Valparaíso, through his President, Rafael González, have reached an agreement with Miguel Ramírez and, to a Technical Association, ensuring its continued responsibility for the First Team for the 2019 season, "said the port's picture in a statement.

The letter adds "this way, the team includes Miguel Ramírez, Cristian Reynero and Marcelo Oyarzún will have the responsibility to order the Dean again in his desire to return as soon as possible to Chile's football honors department"

Wanderers were close to going to the league's finals for the promotion, but he was on the road in the semifinals against Cobresal, who will fight to rise against Cobreloa.

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