Tuesday , November 24 2020

Microsoft can break the error and delete the My People feature in future versions of Windows 10

You may not even have noticed its existence. We mentioned the My People feature that came with Windows 10 as a Fall Creator Update. The purpose of this appendix was to try Make it as easy as possible to interact with your contacts in different ways. My People allows anchor access to the most important links in the taskbar, so that you have an easy and familiar way to interact with them.

By one click, My People allowed us to exchange messages, instant pictures or chatting with different users as a group and all without leaving a taskbar & system. An ambitious project that, however, has a expiration date.

And since Microsoft had seen how it came to Windows 10, MyPeople has not been attractive to consumers, so that almost nobody does not notice its existence, so it has not noticed it. Why, then, maintain this function?

Here's what they should have thought about Microsoft, because with the first Buildings released in Windows 10 for a 19H1 branch (we already know, the one that should arrive in the spring), the this function It has a lot of options to disappear.

Here's what Twitter users have to echo (@albacore) have echoed the changes that the Windows development team makes and for which MyPeople could become a detached function of a 19H1 version

The users that are part of the Insider Program are the first to face-to-face crash with that reality Expecting expectation is not to be disappointing. And whether My People, with all the shortcomings that could be charged for, is still an ambitious function. It's a shame that Microsoft is already planning its funeral. In your case Do you have to use My People? And what do you think?

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