Saturday , July 2 2022

Mexico-based research indicates a gene in a Mexican population


A genetic study conducted by a Mexican-American scientific consortium has identified a gen that is present in mestizos and native natives of our country that can develop MODY diabetes (Maturity Diabetes – Young Assault), which shows itself at 45 in people who are not usually obese and require insulin soon.

In the first part of the investigation, samples of DNA were taken from more than eight thousand Mexicans, half of them in Mexico City and the other in Los Angeles, California; In the second phase, it took just over four thousand countries, with a ratio of 75 percent in the country's capital and the rest in the city of California.

This great study has sponsored by the SIGMA Consortium (Slim Initiative in American Genomics Medicine), which integrates researchers from Wide Organization (from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), by the National Institute of Nutrition Salvador Zubirán and from the UNAM Biomedical Research Institute, by Mexico.

"It took a long time to collect samples, and then, based on clinical information together with clinical data, look at the variation among millions of data produced. Once we had these, all the DNA was sequenced and took no year we processed the information and enlarged and what the needle would be in the grass, "says Mexican scientist Karol Estrada, researcher at the Massachusetts General Analytical Genetics Unit and Translation Unit. and in the Wide Organization in Boston.

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