Friday , November 27 2020

Meteor shower: how and where to see The Geminids 2018

In the Christmas introduction, an astronomical event can be seen in almost the whole of America. It's about the Geminids, ora star of stars seen for the first time in 1862 and can be noticed every December, with emergency dates between 7 and 17 this month. It is considered one of the best and most valuable meteor shows to see from Earth.

When will the meteor shower show in the Geminids?

The Geminids may be seen in the air between 7 and 17 December, but their biggest activity Focusing on December 14 in America and the first hours of December 15, sEgun explained the Administration of National Aerospace and Space (NASA)

How to observe from stars or meters: The Geminids?

The Geminids, named for the Gemini accompaniment, can be seen in the air from almost all of America's territory, taking advantage of the summer season that lives in most of the continents. On this side of the world, one of the most visible events is thanks to the climate.

How to see the meteor shower or The Geminids online stars?

If you do not have the option to see live, There is a possibility of watching the phenomenon via the YouTube channel This reproduces the signal of Teide Observatory, in Tenerife, but also from the HESS High Energy Observatory in Namibia and Olivenza, Badajoz.

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