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Medicine 21 – Press – Biogen reaffirms its commitment to the fight against multiple sclerosis in Spain


Madrid, December 18, 2018 – Biogen Inc. (Nasdaq: BIIB), innovative biotechnology company in neuroscience, in the National Multiple Sclerosis Day (MS), restates its commitment to the fight against this disease that affects 47,000 Spanish[i]. In this sense, 2018 is a special year for the company because it is celebrating 40 years as a leading research and treatment company (EM) worldwide.

Biogen has five of the twelve approved therapy in Spain for the treatment of multiple sclerosis: interferon beta-1a; natalizumab; fumarate dimethyl; peginterferon beta-1a; a fampridine. With them, more than 14,400 patients are treated[ii] in our country that suffers MS and is distributed through the national health network, in referral hospitals from every Spanish province. Therapies that have contributed to a simple change in the development and evolution of patients with MS, the result of Biogen's commitment to transform their quality of life and slow down the progression of this disease.

Sérgio Teixeira, Chief Executive Officer of Biogen in Spain, he said: "The fight against multiple sclerosis is crucial to the essence of our company, as neuroscience leaders are totally focused on finding solutions for severe neurological and neurological diseases. I stopped until we find healing. But achieving this objective is a long-term career, where a clear commitment to innovation is essential to allow us to offer treatments that really transform patients' lives. As a result of that effort in 2018, we have received two acknowledgments that motivate us even more in this fight: we are not the same innovation laboratory in the therapeutic neurological area according to The latest Health Recognition Monitor and we have the Panorama Award by CGCOF for our innovative Spinraza drug® for the treatment of backbone muscle atrophy at the back ".

In a context where there are several treatment options for the patient to multiply sclerosis, evolution occurs in the disease approach by the experts, trying to look after the patient from a more holistic perspective that reflects other factors such as quality of life, control and reduction of disability level, etc. "The neurologist's challenge today only chooses adequate therapy at the right time for each patient, but to apply a concept of no tolerance to the activity of the disease to achieve better clinical outcomes. Therefore, one of the new work horses to improve the care of patients with multiple sclerosis is the commitment to slow down or reduce the cognitive downturn that occurs since the disease starts. For this, it is essential that experts can evaluate their sequence, which is why Biogen has decided to launch equipment such as CogEval, an app that would allow professionals to use it to track the cognitive decline of the patients suffer it easily. And in this way, make decisions about the best approach every time for each patient. Such initiatives respond to the commitment to professionals and patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, with a clear objective of raising the standard in treating this pathology ", explains Marta Valente, Medical Director of Biogen Spain.

CogEval provides a processing speed test designed to assess the cognitive function of the patient, using attention, speed of cytomotor, visual processing and memory. During test (validated Testimonials of Symbols and Digites[iii]) That's for two minutes, the parasites of patients are abstract symbols with numbers, using a key as a guide.

Research is essential for an increase in the fight against diseases such as MS. But also to continue to promote the treatment and enhancement of other neurological diseases. In this sense, Biogen maintains a strong commitment to Spain, where there are 23 clinical studies in progress[iv] where more than 1,200 patients participate, thanks to the collaboration with more than 200 research centers.

About Biogen[v]

At Biogen, we have a clear goal: we are pioneers in neuroscience. Biogen discovers, develops and provides innovative treatments worldwide for patients with neurological diseases and severe neuroscience. As one of the world's first global technology companies, Biogen was founded in 1978 by Charles Weissmann, Heinz Schaller, Kenneth Murray and winners of the Walter Gilbert and Phillip Sharp Nobel Prize, and today, a portfolio of excellent medicines to treat multiple sclerosis has Introducing the approved treatment first and only for muscular respiratory and is at the forefront of neuroscience research on Alzheimer's and dementia, multiple sclerosis and neuroimunology, dyskinesias, neuromuscular disorders, pain, ophthalmology, neuropsychiatry and acute neurology . Biogen also produces and markets biosimilar medicines through advanced biological products.

Biogen is the same laboratory in innovation within the therapeutic area of ​​neurology, according to the 2018 Health Recognition of Health (MRS Merco), and the 2018 CGOF Panorama Award by Nusinersen.

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