Saturday , January 16 2021

McDonald's is losing a "Big Mac" brand and Burger King creates a number of combos that bring up his Association competition

"Big Mac"is one of the most recognized drummers in Aberystwyth McDonalds, so much that the fast food chain has been registered for years as a brand.

However, a few days ago, there was a legal battle that abolished the rights for its unique use, causing its highest competitor, Burger King, make fun of them.

It started all five years ago, when the Irish chain Supermacs He asked to register the trademark "Supermac" one of her hamburgers, to spread across Europe.

At the time, McDonald's did not agree like "Supermac" could be mixed with "Big Mac", the reason why the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) gave the international international reason for the likelihood between the two brands, which could produce "confuse in a part of the public".

But in 2017, Ireland They were asked to abolish the defense on the commercial denomination "Big Mac", noting that McDonald's registries are names that it is simply stored to use against its future competitors. "

Now, EUIPO admitted the request for Supermac to decide in their preference, allowing other fast food companies use the name "Big Mac" in Europe.

Clearly, they did not miss this opportunity Burger King Sweden, who said in a statement that "McDonald's new lost his Big Mac trademark wants to score a much smaller market player … it's really fun for us to stay away"

In that country, they have even changed the names of their combos with expressions such as: "Like a Big Mac, but really great", "the hamburger of the Big Mac wants", "as a Big Mac, but more delicious and more delicious" and "anything other than Big Mac". In addition, they made a video with a number of customers arriving at the counter and asking Big Mac in Burger King.

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