Sunday , June 26 2022

Mayor Valparaíso announces support for traders affected by the port strike and sends a strong message to TPS


Negotiations between temporary Terminal 1 employees of TPS remain at least a reliable game this Thursday. In more than one month after the start of the strike, Valparaiso's mayor, Jorge Sharp, asked the businessman to contact the management of the private company to leave the wonder and ability to produce the applications of those who have had the same. u move.

"Mr Von Appen, if you do not want to help solve the conflict, better keep silence, do it to Valparaíso," says the community authority.


The mayor's reference refers to Richard von Appen, the owner of Ultramar, a TPS manager who has offered workers' gift cards and loans, against the compensatory bonus application for those who have been remedied.

In that situation, the same government called on employers to give a little more. However, Von Appen's vision is another. According to him, the business proposal to "increase the aid four times, this is a gift, they do not need any assembly, they just have to decide if they are taking it."

But the mayor did not criticize the business: it also announced support for smaller traders affected by the strike.

"We express our consent, our concern and full support to all trades and tourism in Valparaíso, affected by the unnecessary extension of this conflict, no trader or any tourist member will be left alone, Valparaíso is preparing a package of economic support, and we will announce it in the next few days to help and work with traders and tourism in Valparaíso, "added Sharp.

Disorders and discussion

So things were recorded, Thursday this morning and some events in Valparaiso, although they had called a rest day of the leadership.

That is why Francisco Baez, one of the leaders, has ensured Cooperative that "what happened in the morning was something that was not programmed, it was called attention to the people who were today a rest day , a day of chatting and that the citizens have some relief. "

"We had a consensus last night to do nothing, except that speaking to the Government, so to rest, wait for the answer, the day will be quiet," added Baez, also announcing that a job is done with & # 39; the intention of achieving a new consensus.

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