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Marcelo Ríos's Surprise: he asked for an invitation and wanted to play a professional 43-year-old tournament | Sports


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Marcelo Ríos prepare the final details for the exhibition duel that will be played this Friday against the Ecovatics Nicolás Lapentti, from 22:00 at the Grand Arena Monticello as part of celebrating 20 years after reaching one number in the world. It would be the only challenge we would have in the next few weeks in tennis.

The previous thing was clear after the revelation that exhumbered this Tuesday realized here: his desire to have a short return to professional tennis and play a challenge tournament early next year, as confirmed to La Tercera.

Rivers said "my idea is Return to play player in the United States, on January 7 (…) Play a tournament in Ohio. Candidate and be able to win and make a story again and try to be an older player to win a professional tournament "with 43 years old, which will meet December 26th.

He explained the Chinese & # 39; for those media It does not attempt to permanently return to the professional circuit, but to satisfy a desire who came up "because I felt well, I got the support of my wife, who had told me to play with the veterans, but I said: what can you do do it, this is not the thing I had a sense, I'm close, I felt well. I trainee the 10, 20 days, and with that I & # 39; I felt pretty good to play now. "

Along with recognizing it "A shame that happened to me"Rios also accepts that he is looking for a possible challenge and that "I do not want to play ATP either, because I know I'm not here about that. Just to feel alive (…) With a help of 20 you can tell the difference. Logically, the men are strong and more physically able, but I can do something. "

"Making history. Imagine: Winning an award at 43 is nice, whatever. I feel fit to play "and" win "closes the tennis player, who ended in his professional career in 2004, suffering from injuries, but with the success of being the first Latin America to be an official number of the ATP.

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