Saturday , January 16 2021

Marcelo Ríos to Massive & # 39; in the Davis Cup: "We feel we have a hole that is not wrinkle" | Sports

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Mario Dávila Herandez / File Agency UNO

He just praises him for his leader; a partner. Marcelo Ríos have filled with positive comments i Nicolás Massú, the captain of the Davis Cup.

Recalling, after the victory against Austria last weekend, the national team won the tickets to Madrid, where there will be a tournament among the best 18, that is, the World Group.

After the victory, Rios, assistant head of the Vampiro & # 39; the importance of getting Nico & # 39; in front of the squad. "It's very motivated, very positive, "he explained in an interview with La Tercera, although he always stressed that the main element" thank you or thanks to Nicolás, this question is a thank you to & # 39; r players ".

However, in assessing the contribution of Chinese Massaging & it was compulsory: "I used eggs with nothing impossible& # 39; But Nico gives you much confidence, even if he goes downstairs. You feel in the environment that we have a hole that is not wrinkle "he says.

Regarding the same thing, Rios admitted Massing "the other day, he told me he wanted to continue to train and have tennis players. Very professionally, the team is very professional. We're very strong. "

Marcelo Ríos also revealed an anecdote showing the viñamarino's competitive and competitive character: "I want us to touch Spain," said Massu. Do not be bad, how, Spain ?, I answered. No, that's Nadal and she smells … & # 39; He loves challenges and that's what I can find the slide, and came to the conclusion.

We confirm that Chile will be between November 18 and 24 in Spain to compete in Magazines & # 39; from Madrid, the Davis Cup final.

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