Thursday , July 7 2022

Marcelo Ríos reveals who the most talented tennis player won: "Laughter in her face was great" | Sports


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Leonardo Rubilar | UNO Agency

Marcelo Ríos, the nationalist and above all one of the ATP sites, have given a lot to talk about this week.

I showcase duel against Nicolás Lapentti, it is added that he has requested an invitation to debate the Challenger Columbus Challenge, in the United States, with the intention to make history Try to be an older player to win a professional tournament.

Now, fighting his game against Lapentti, the Chinese reveals it; Who is the tennis player who enjoyed the most to win during his career.

In a 24 hour interview, Ríos was asked if the victory was André Agassi, who took him to the top of the world's tennis, was the most famous career career, but, and indeed, was a Chinese childhood response.

"Agassi has a lot of merits, to beat him in the United States, to be number one, to have been in the first Chile. He has many positive things," the extenist noted his victory

"But We will say that the best victory was against Jim Courier in Singapore. Donor made me terrible and able to be with him, knowing who had been Courier, at that time he won Roland Garros and was well known. And we can beat 6-0, 6-1, and laugh in his face, it was so beautiful a thing ", recognizes the Chinese & Chinese.

He added the number one of that world "Take him for the egg and laugh in his face, and it would look to me and tell me what you laugh about it &. These are things that made my back to, but not left, but a way to show that we were better than it at that moment. "

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