Thursday , February 25 2021

Manchester United – Young Boys live: Champions live

81 & # 39; Time starts running out and Manchester United is on the limit. A goal would be enough to achieve an octave qualification.

75 & # 39; Young Boys are getting more and more. End of fear!

69 & # 39; ANSWER FOR GEA DE! Outdoor shooting is bounced on Mbabu and the goal shot took the best shot to get the ball on the goal line. THANK YOU! The keeper saves United.

65 & # 39; Pogba shows her first morning luxury: he is a profit for a balloon competitor and help Rashford who starts again. The attacker was the one who has had the biggest opportunities in the duel.

63 & # 39; Changes are made in United!

60 & # 39; Mourinho calls Lukaku. Belgium is preparing to get in.

56 & # 39; Refillages and connections left Fellaini just near the small area, but Belgium was diverting incredibly! Another event has been wasted in the local team.

52 & # 39; Awakening Young Boys! Combined play ended in a shot by Mbabu who passed close to him. United was afraid of Old Trafford.

46 & # 39; MAKING THE SECOND DELIVERY! As Juventus and Valencia were equal, One One would have a goal to ensure their attendance among the top 16.

More statistics from the first time:

Some figures left by the first part of the meeting. United has one possession, which is reflected on court. It has been close to celebrating several times thanks to a combined game.

45 & # 39; + 2 & # 39; END OF FIRST TIME! Manchester United dominates thanks to possession of the ball, but can not identify the first goal of the game. Rashford lost several opportunities.

45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; ALSO ARE BETWEEN THE ROADS! The Swiss team produced their first clear chance of the first half, but Sow had defined by the queue and the ball went wide.

45 & # 39; He added two minutes.

44 & # 39; Young Boys regain the ball and try to leave their field with touches, but when going to the competitive area it's lost again. And United starts his game again.

40 & # 39; Now Fred is defining after a new movement by Manchester United. The shot left with left leg, to the right side of the goalkeeper. Faster and closer to the opening of the account.

35 & # 39; José Mourinho's team has more than 70% of possession.

29 & # 39; United is a hand claim. Lingard vanished from a distance and a defender managed to turn off the corner kick after blowing to the arms. The adjudicator receives only a corner.

26 & # 39; Rashford, more and more composers in the duel before Young Boys. Now he shot out of the area and the ball went wide with a few centimeters.

22 & # 39; Matic is ordered for a break.

19 & # 39; The defense has locked well in the corner and avoids another danger. However, team controls and local assaults are consistent.

18 & # 39; Kick corner i Manchester United

14 & # 39; Great combination in the United and a Rashford appears again. The young assault led his left foot, but he saved the goal.

13 & # 39; Manchester United seems to have no big problems to master at the beginning of the meeting. Rashford has had the clear chance to score so far.

6 & # 39; Once again José Mourinho's squad is approaching. Fred tried with a shot of the outside the box, but the ball went back to be abolished. The local box dominates.

4 & # 39; UNIT is losing IT! Only left Rashford's wrthatackack who sent the ball over the goal. Mourinho explained everything. It was a clear option.

The players are already on the pitch, while listening to the Champions League anthem. What do you think will be the result of today?

Why does Mourinho Alexis Sánchez have yet to be marginalized? Still unknown to the reasons left by the attacker from Chile, who is increasingly looking away from England next year.

José Mourinho's squad could assure their second-class qualification. What should happen? Win this afternoon and hopefully Valencia does not celebrate against Juventus.

Good afternoon! Here you can follow everything the details between Manchester United and Young Boys for fifth day Group H of the Champions League.

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