Wednesday , May 25 2022

Man sentenced to prison for life for women at Antofagasta clinic National


Antofagasta Criminal Trial Court (TOP) was missed José Manuel Rojas Escobar in perpetual imprisonment penalty, as the criminal offense of female crime Lorena Elizabeth Carrasco Aguilera in April 2017, and ordered that a biological sample of the sentence should be included in the national register of convictions.

In a unanimous decision Magistrates Marcela Mesías Toro, Llilian Durán Barrier and Marcela Nilo Leyton, an application to Rojas Escobar and a permanent absolute ban for public offices and offices and political rights and absolute disqualification for title professions, with the exception of the cost of costs and # 39 the case.

On April 3, 2017, Rojas attended her marriage to "family mediation Food – frustrated – moved to his or her car to the ophthalmic clinic located at Condell Street No. 2076 of this city, where the defendant worked, knowing he was at the time when he was live without residents ".

In the place where the person convicted "took the victim of a arm with his face facing him and using his strength over his armor bracket He put pressure on his throat (…) turned until he was alone, and in that situation, he continued to press him tight until he was killed shortly by harassment. "

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