Thursday , July 7 2022

Mama chocha took: Jennifer Lopez's daughter new video of the singer TV and Shows


With the talent in the blood. Therefore, we could have highlighted this note that deals with one of the former former partner partners JLO and Marc Anthony.

The young Emme took part in the video clip of it Unpaid, which is part of a new film by the famous Bronx Diva Second Act.

By press release, Jennifer Lopez said that the song's message is empowering women.

According to the translator Money, the creative creature – composed by the artist Sha – would aim to get people to say: "I'm worth something. I have a value I'm the same. I do not have restrictions".

JLO | Instagram

JLO | Instagram

The clip includes the appearance of Emme, the 10-year-old daughter of the singer. Both interpret the same character in the video.

What's coming to Emme's parents is associated with a country, because Marc Anthony will be one of the strong numbers of the 2016 Vineyard Festival, and JLO would be feeling like to accompany him in the Quinta Vergara event.

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