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lung, or no breast cancer symptoms


Breast cancer symptoms: lump, or not

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On the phone and from his native Santander, he tells us he is going to periodic checks because he is on hormone replacement therapy, due to an accidental bone problem.

"I found a control mammogram. You're going regularly and you're leaving with an unpleasant news."

Breast cancer symptoms did not. Cancer "rarely gives a few symptoms. A calm disease and it's holding you with the step has changed."

Although women "do, sometimes they see a lump in the chest. One of the symptoms of breast cancer can be seen short".

Other symptoms that may indicate breast cancer, he added, is that breastfeeding becomes orange or red, or the nwd is pulled back.

"And you have to go quickly with your doctor to send to your specialist."

breast cancer symptoms
Antonia Gimón talks to Josep María Borrás Andrés, or the Instituto Oncoleg Catalaneg. EFE PHOTO / Pedro Puente Hoyos

Character and vision

Antonia is not considered "an example of anything". "I've had a process like all of them, and the character and the vision that you have of things have a great influence" to go on.

Before it was discovered, he was already involved with patient associations.

In her day she and some colleagues saw the need to create a society of breast cancer patients.

"Then we lost a bit, now everything has evolved a lot with new technologies," he said.

Research and prevention

"Also – remember – there was almost no talk on the subject and the early identification campaigns needed to be supported; they had started in the country but not everyone was going because they were trucks, parked in squares & city, and you have to have a queue at best with rain, with the umbrella waiting. "

He believes that this situation, which is seen with today's eyes, can be said in Third World ".

Antonia states itself as "intact" to support prevention, research and innovation campaigns: "without them, we are not going anywhere".

But cancer, it requires, "always silly, and about what we know about what we learned from the doctors in our conversations, we see that some who show themselves, but others, most of them do not. "

Symptoms of breast cancer

According to the doctor Álvaro Rodríguez Lescure, vice president of Association of Spanish Medical Oncology (SEOM), the symptoms are very obvious in breast cancer and "basically, the lump", but this symptom and others are not "malignant".

"The patient says that she informs a lump, and is almost always casual, in the shower or by putting on the bra, sometimes through trauma and that's why there's a fake belief that the blasts & # 39; n trigger breast cancer. "

The lump is usually in the breast, although sometimes it is found in the dough.

Changes in the skin

Other symptoms, he says, are changes in breastfeeding.

"There may be some moisture if a tumor is very superficial or can be surrendered to the skin. It may be said to be red, spilled or tired, in cases that are already well developed ".

Sometimes also the edema, which causes the skin to have fluid "and that already suggests breast inflammation, sometimes a tumor is slightly more advanced".

Other patients' local symptoms are the emission of a liquid or hemorrhagic element that leaks through the nwd.

They can be serious

"But none of these symptoms is specific to malignancy, mainly when they appear they will be associated with unclear river processes."

The majority, said this specialist, are quizks, fibroids, erected paths …

So, for example, there may be many reasons for orange hiding; there is a symptom that "is unlikely to cancer but may sometimes appear to be normal conditions".

And ganglia

Regarding the ganglia, it indicates that the axila is a ganglionic territory.

"Having goals is bad, this sometimes creates confusion: a ganglion in itself is not bad, they may be swelling but does not necessarily suggest malignancy."

"So all the symptoms are nonspecific. They are warning symptoms, but a relative warning."

If a lump appears in the breast, it's something to see, "but do not despair worry or create an excessive alarm, because they are mostly blurred processes."


According to the expert, basically in the diagnosis, the vast majority of breast cancer are diagnosed in the initial stage, that is, having breast-based or acute.

"In breast cancer, the frequency of metastasis at the time of diagnosis is very low, only between 5 and 7 percent."

The vast majority of the tumors are diagnosed in a local way, "and mainly because the patient informs a lump," and the remainder is detected by screening programs, by mammograms, "this happens in asymptomatic women. "

Excessive optimism

In the case of a vice president of SEOM, it is essential to note that in recent years, many injections have been in a kind of "excessive optimism in the sense of transferring the image that breast cancer is a bit of relevance because he corrected the whole world. "

"And this is not the case. Yes, there have been major changes and developments, and for that reason, I believe that the false image has been transmitted that it is not as relevant".

"In the case of certain cancer cancers, those with an early diagnosis, or not so early, treatments are very effective and we have achieved a very high survival rate."

But in metastatic breast cancer, although there have been very significant changes, it is "very difficult to improve the disease".

In this case, we come to the conclusion, "we're talking about it for a time that is lost from illness, survival and quality of life."

In his opinion, a group of patients who, although they have more visibility, "are being deferred slightly in this pink world and also stimulating all the effort and need for research ".

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