Friday , August 19 2022

Location Below to the secretary of Bravo for audits of beef access


The UDI senator described as "irresponsible, media and absurd" the access to private property by the National Assets Registrar, Alejandra Bravo, during the inspections made for limited access to spa.

In recent days, the highest authorities of National Assets They have made use to promote access to beaches that are often blocked.

Maybe the point The argument for this type of access was the chapter with Matías Pérez Cruz's business on Lake Ranco, when he faced a group of women because he was on a beach near his property. But the audits have continued beyond this particular event.

Y The Ministry's Secretariat, Alejandra Bravo, has appeared in the media locks and goes to a property that should be Access to the beaches has been resolved by law, but that does not comply with current regulations.

After announcing these actions, the senator UDI, Iván Moreira, appealed to the secretary for these checks. "In order to comply with the law there is no need for irresponsible, media and absurd action," it tweeted from the parliamentary's personal account. Then he added "We are respecting free access to the beaches of the Chilean, but not promoting the class struggle," he added.

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