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Living with HIV in Chile: Testimonials from people diagnosed


Chile is among the countries that register a Increased increase in HIV cases, a reality that has created a criticism of the effectiveness of prevention campaigns.

But beyond precautionary methods, almost There are 70,000 people living in Chile with the virus, according to the United Nations Joint Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS).

Genesis González a Williams Morales Two of those people, who told them CNN Chile how to live with HIV in our country

"I'm not a normal girl"

Genesis González acquired the virus from her mother, who was infected a year before being pregnant by blood transfusion in 1996. Both received the first instant treatment, something that did not happen 40 years ago.

"I do not live with HIV in nothing. It's likely that someone's lifting is negligible, since I am zero-positive the same, because my life is normal and I'm already finishing my life career, "he said.

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Genesis studies gastronomy and in the next few days he will be going to practice in Spain. In his cheese he will take the treatment he has taken since he was born, and he did not always like it.

"I was not a normal girl. I was not able to go to my friend's paper because I had to take the answer in the morning and in the afternoon. I was awful, the worst day of time, "he said.

After disqualification from school

"At the time there were no medicines. I do not know if I will be lucky or have a magic of life, but I was small, and when the drugs I was in the front line appeared, "said Williams Morales.

Williams lives in Chiloé, he is the ultimate and the hardest thing for him is to fight with side effects and treatment, but even more so with discriminate for having HIV.

"My wife was from school, friendship was overI was small, I did not know what was happening. The word AIDS was only known in Chile recently, "he said.

"According to me, they were experimenting with me. I had some poor treatment from hospital officers and I had to compulsoryly ask for my high"He added.

The importance of the treatment

Although Genesis and Williams today are good and apply the treatment so that the virus does not cancel their immune system, the battle has not always been easy.

Genesis, for example, has gone through three different therapies and one of them caused allergies. "Being like the doctor's mouse is awful because you do not know what's going to do well and what's not, "he said.

And while it is hard to find the right therapy, there is an important reason to achieve. Experts agree that when a person has access to treatment consistently and permanently, It does not transmit the virus to other people.

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Genesis will go to Spain and hope to find a society that has less bias with HIV. William will continue in Chile, fight for his rights and wait not to feel – again – under medical experiments.

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