Friday , October 30 2020

LG gets mad and cell phone patent with 16 cameras

If yes cameras with three and four lenses – As we've already seen on smartphones such as Huawei or Samsung – it seems like a lot, certainly the new LG patent It will acquire disinfection shares for you. According to a new patent registered by South Korea manufacturer in the United States, the company has a phone in mind that would incorporate it in the back of the incredible amount of sixteen cameras.

We talked a bit back from the intensification in the race to embed as many lenses as possible in smartphones to make them more attractive to a audience that is often searching in the photographic section about the possible discrimination possible to choose terminal and another. In this context, we've seen some rumors and leaks in recent months pointing to a Nokia phone with five lenses in its back camera, adding this way one of the Samsung's bets with Galaxy A9.

However, anyway, from nineteen to sixteen there is a good part. Because although more time is not always better, The possibilities that such a component would provide to LG would be much more clearly than those of the competition. Some of them, for luck our age for information, are detailed in the patent presented.

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