Wednesday , January 27 2021

Level begins to implement his direct journey from Barcelona to Santiago de Chile

The first direct flights between Barcelona and Santiago de Chile has taken this Sunday of the Catalan capital operated by the low cost airline and long transportation Level, the only one that offers this route without stops. As reported by HOSTELTUR in Level launches two new destinations across the Atlantic from Barcelona-El Prat, the radio announced a long-term low cost of the IAG group this route in November, along with the one who will also operate in New York.

The flight started at 11.05 am by Josep Tarradellas Airport Barcelona-El Prat and opened by the company's CEO, Vincent Hodder, who explained that they expected to carry around 2,000 passengers a month on this route. .

The manager has indicated that Level will initially offer the route twice a week, but it is anticipated that the frequency will increase to four weekly journeys, by the end of July, thereby "democratizing the journey". this long ".

Hodder has said that the demand for this flight is greater in Chile than in Spain due to the relevance of "the historical roots between the two countries, culture and language", but it is convinced that this route will increase the number of Hispanic visitors. to South America.

Average one-way ticket from Barcelona to Santiago de Chile is 237 euros, although, according to the manager's assurance, Level will launch proposals of up to 169 euro each way.

Next July, the airline plans to open a new route between Barcelona and New York Airport (JFK), which will start with three trips and a weekly price starting at 99 euros per trip.

The executive director has also guaranteed that the company has "many more schemes" to connect Barcelona directly with other destinations, including "exploring options in Asia, the United States, Canada and Latin America."

Level started operating at El Prat Airport in June 2017 and since then it has carried some 500,000 passengers with a fleet of three Airbus A330-200s, and another aircraft will be added this year.

The company's plans for Barcelona include increasing flights to San Francisco, which in July will increase to three weekly flights, and will run three flights a week to Boston and eight to Buenos Aires.

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