Tuesday , November 24 2020

Leonardo DiCaprio will have to return the Oscar prize


The court investigates these days i financially Malaysia Jho Isel, accused of being committed and fraud of epic proportions against investment fund, as well as other important economic crimes, have ordered actor Leonardo DiCaprio returns the Oscar Award given to Marlon Brando late in 1955 for his prominent role in the film Nest and race, and also a painting had to sign by anyone other than the Malaga genius Pablo Picasso, among other items of great value.

So valuable objects were received from Performer who is winning an Oscar a few years ago as donations Jho Isel I wanted to lay down the great appreciation that I received and, according to the arguments presented by the judge, to highlight the allegedly alleged origin of the money used in its acquisition. According to the newspaper The New York Times, the defendant would have paid around $ 600,000 for painting Picasso after earning an auction.

Among the many high level investments he would have made Jho Isel in the time investigated by the authorities, also highlights its remarkable contribution to the tape budget;Wolf of Wall Street& 2013 (2013), which has been instructed by Martin Scorsese and play precisely DiCaprio, a movie that deals with the curiosity of the executive of grace Jordan Belfort after being part of fraudulent practices that are still paid.

Soon before living his meeting with justice and close to the fate of the financier whose story helps him bring the big screen in his capacity as a partner of the Red Granite production company, Jho Isel he did not have anything for public respect for the close bond that, in his opinion, linked him to the Hollywood star and the role he would have played to ensure that Belfort's character was played by DiCaprio.

"I'll know Leo For many years and, through the Jynwel Foundation, we are actively involved in environmental conservation projects around the world, "he explained. Low, born in the city of Penang in 1981 and who lived in Hong Kong since 2010, in an interview with South China Morning Post.

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