Thursday , February 25 2021

Leon was covered by 20 haunts until an unexpected friend saved him Society

A lion was forced completely and scared to face a herd or ferocus hyenas is an African savannah.

The feline was able to resist the big assault until reaching a friend of his own species unexpected i help

"Initially, he began to show how high he was trying to follow them, but then he saw himself surrounded by twenty or thirty without escaping. Every time he attacked one, many other people rushed from behind"explains Simon Blakeney, one of the authors of the video published by BBC Earth.

When the herd of butchers finishes completely, another lion runs to help, driving the age, which leaves the space fast and both guys "celebrate" the sport.

The latter was causing great turmoil among YouTube users, as he could not believe how the two lenses show affection and play as if they were not after the dangerous battle. Obviously, the catsThey are grateful for more time to live.

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