Tuesday , December 1 2020

LEGO The Hobbit is free for PC for a very limited time at Humble Bundle

There are many ways to publish a Christmas sale. Putting a game off is one of the best, and if it's about adjusting And Hobbit LEGO's key we're talking about something that's hard to overcome. The stage Humble bundle goes with everything.

From today, a until next Saturday, you can apply for your free copy of LEGO The Hobbit, the official video game for a computer based on the homonym movie trilogy. An incredible reduction of 100% uneven reduction compared to an original price of € 19.99.

As in Tolkien's work, in LEGO AND Hobbit we can see ourselves traveling with an incredible bag of arms with the intention of recovering and controlling the hidden kingdom of the Lonely Mountain.

However, the fate of Bilbo, picaresque and Gandalf wizard and unexpected treasure It is found at the most convenient moment turning to this adventure to be a great sport.


To get LEGO The Hobbit, just go to the game page, find yourself in Humble Bundle – or create an account in a few minutes – and claim our copy for free.

After that, we will receive an e-mail to the email address that we have to connect to a password that we can exchange in Steam. Oh that fan, the game will never be.


Of course, you have it until Saturday, December 15 to claim a copy of it LEGO AND Hobbit. As at previous times, there's a limited period of time, so do not let it go until the last minute. We take you to be warned.

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