Wednesday , April 14 2021

Latin America goes through mixed closure as Wall Street breaks the turkey

Bogotá, November 22 (EFE) .- He advertised the American Ladies stock exchanges on their own today before the Thanksgiving holiday that kept Wal Street bell unchanged, and chose mixed gauges.

New York band activity will return tomorrow, after animation by the physical and online user frenzy of "Black Friday" or Black Monday, which will surely affect the Nasdaq, a more technological direction. than anything.

Wall Street could also feel the effects of Donald Trump's statements on Friday, according to which China wants "much" to "make an agreement" to solve the commercial problem with the US.

Earlier statements in that regard have already caused a serious impact on the markets.

The largest Latin American stock exchange, Sao Paulo, ended on the day positively, as its Ibovespa index closed at 87,477 points, with a 0.24% increase, partly motivated by appointing & # 39 ; r economist Rubem Novaes as the new president of the Brazilian Bank.

The turnover at Mason São Paulo today reached 6,871 million reals (about 1,805 million dollars).

The balance was poor in Buenos Aires, where the 0.04% Merval index rose to reach 30,274.51 points, as a result of operations for 119.83 million Argentine pesos (approximately 3.28 million dollars).

The increase achieved by S & P / BVL Peru General of the Plaza de Lima was 0.45% to reach 19,219.92 units, after a round where transactions entered for 9,844,760 soles (equivalent to 2,916. $ 102) .

The Montevideo Stock Exchange Global Bonds closed at 102.51 in total after 0.15%, after operations reported by 18,268,657 pesos Uruguay (approximately 562,128 dollars).

The other side of the coin lived by Mexico CPI, which remained at 41,271.12 altogether after a 0.55% reduction, on Thursday where transactions were held for 3,407 million Mexican pesos (about 167, 7 million dollars).

Another park that lived on Thursday was rather bitter, Santiago, where the IPSA index 0.18 was to occur at 5,119.30 units, in a day where securities were traded for 32,212,575,530 pesos Chile (about 48). , 15 million dollars).

The Colcap reference from the Colombia Stock Exchange, where there was a flow of transactions for 17,781 million Colombian pesos (about 5.5 million dollars), had a moderate decrease of 0.14%, so it's still parked in 1,388.30 units.

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closure Points

SAO PAULO + 0.24% 87,477

MEXICO -0.55% 41,271.12

BUENOS AIRES + 0.04% 30,274.51

SANTIAGO -0.18% 5.119.30

COLOMBIA -0.14% 1,388.30

LIMA + 0.45% 19,219.92

MONTEVIDEO + 0.15% 102.51

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